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Whether you have tried Tibetan incense or not, this fragrance will surprise you.



· The incense recipe has a history of 300 years passed from generation to generation and the inheritor is now a Tibetan doctor (also Khenpo), crafting those incense strictly according to those ancestral formulas.


· Made in Tibetan monastery named “Tshes bcu dgon ‘brug mdo sngags bshad sgrub chos ‘khor gling” in “nang chen mkha” in Tibetan

· The medicinal materials are collected from places above 4500 meters above sea level in the Tanggula Mountains


· High quality of Tibetan incense needs to be fermented and it depends on the weather, humidity and other factors to determine the fermentation time


· Finished incense will be processed with a ritual of blessing by the monks before ship out.




Blood circulation, relax

Main medicinal materials:

Red and white sandalwood, cloves, turmeric, agarwood, snow incense, saffron, artemisia, azalea, pine and other precious Tibetan medicine that grow on the mountains


Packing: glass bottle, moisture-proof film


Length: about 17cm


Quantity: about 30


*Not recommended for pregnant

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